Introduction to Thermodynamics

It is the only physical theory of universal content, which I am convinced, that within the framework of applicability of its basic concepts will never be overthrown

– Albert Einstein

Laws of Thermodynamics

Lecture 7.001- Introduction to Thermodynamics

  • The name only suggests – Thermo + dynamics i.e. Study of motion of heat flow.
  • Since the study of thermodynamics is more ancient than that of discovery of atom and molecules so the study is completely  macroscopic.
  • The rules and laws of thermodynamic are fundamental and don’t have a proof but are experimentally never out-thrown
  • The Basic Laws of thermodynamics –

We will study every law in details but for just information each law of thermodynamics defines a technical term i.e.

  1. 0th law of thermodynamics Temperature
  2. First law of thermodynamics Energy
  3. Second law of thermodynamics Entropy
  4. Third law of thermodynamics Numerical value of entropy

The laws of thermodynamics are universal and cannot be overthrown

Note down the details from the videos about the observing how do we get it, or the people in 1800’s did, lets go back there.

we will continue on adding videos on various topics…

7-001-introduction-tothermodynamics// notes for lecture and revision


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