Golden Ratio, mystery continues…


This is not just limited to architecture, obscure Mathematical series (duh!) et al.

Φ is more than an obscure term found in mathematics and physics. It appears around us in our daily lives, even in our aesthetic views. Studies have shown that when test subjects view random faces, the ones they deem most attractive are those with solid parallels to the Golden ratio. Faces judged as the most attractive show Golden ratio proportions between the width of the face and the width of the eyes, nose, and eyebrows. The test subjects weren’t mathematicians or physicists familiar with Φ — they were just average people, and the Golden ratio elicited an instinctual reaction.


So next time you find someone attractive think is it your brain making calculations around golden ratio or is it really your heart!!!! Just kidding after all you are free to decide those matters.

Well coming to nature there are many instances of its presence:

Flower petals: The number of petals on some flowers follows the Fibonacci sequence. It is believed that in the Darwinian processes, each petal is placed to allow for the best possible exposure to sunlight and other factors.


The Petal Design in a Rose Flower

Seed heads: The seeds of a flower are often produced at the center and migrate outward to fill the space. For example, sunflowers follow this pattern.


                                       The seed pattern of Sunflower

Pinecones: The spiral pattern of the seed pods spiral upward in opposite directions. The numbers of steps the spirals take tend to match Fibonacci numbers.                                  yuduyutsu                cjhddjckh

Shells: Many shells, including snail shells and nautilus shells, are perfect examples of the Golden spiral.

Spiral galaxies: The Milky Way has a number of spiral arms, each of which has a logarithmic spiral of roughly 12 degrees. The shape of the spiral is identical to the Golden spiral, and the Golden rectangle can be drawn over any spiral galaxy.

Fingers: The length of our fingers, each section from the tip of the base to the wrist is larger than the preceding one by roughly the ratio of phi.

Animal bodies: The measurement of the human navel to the floor and the top of the head to the navel is the Golden ratio. But we are not the only examples of the Golden ratio in the animal kingdom; dolphins, starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins, ants and honeybees also exhibit the proportion.


DNA molecules: A DNA molecule measures 34 angstroms by 21 angstroms at each full cycle of the double helix spiral. In the Fibonacci series, 34 and 21 are successive numbers.


However if you are to look it from the other side you might find it to be all but floating rumors flying around for a very long time. But if that is to be the case it is woven in our DNA’s and human predicament to truly seek order in disorder and therefore hence we try to apply the golden ratio as a way to apply order to the natures design and get a feeling of understanding of the nature around us.

 Well I will leave it up to you to decide whether the golden ratio is an age old mystery or just some myth?


Vishal Kumar

(Mathematics at Utkarshini)


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