Set Square and Divider, where are they used ?

Do not worry about your problems in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.  – Albert Einstein

At whatever age you might have  you might bought your first geometry box, from that day to till, without a doubt we have almost never used the three pieces- Set square and Divider.

Now first of all we are talent and make some use of what so ever we get, in my student life I use to bind supplementary copies with divider and use set squares as scale when the scale go missing. But, instead of our exceptional uses where are these instruments used in mathematics or engineering or so…

Set Square fulfill following purposes,

Drawing the standard angles and triangles


Drawing two parallel line at given2Drawing perpendicular lines to a given line

3For being real when you come to engineering or do some exciting experiments in physics or majorly civil engineering you will come across surfaces where your scale would not give you required result, the picture below will depict everything.This is the reason why the divider is much tight that the compass that we use


Vishal Kumar

(Mathematics at Utkarshini)


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